PROVOD – engineering firm (PROVOD – inženýrská společnost, s r.o.)

PROVOD – inženýrská společnost, s r.o. was established on 31 July, 1997 and is headquartered in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic.  The company primarily operates in the field of civil engineering, water management, wastewater management and the environment.  PROVOD employs staff with extensive experience in these areas as well as in the operation of water works, design and engineering in capital construction and practical University experience and scholarships abroad.

HBH Projekt spol. s r.o.

HBH Projekt is an experienced designer and engineer of all types of public and private transportation infrastructure projects. We deliver first class design, project planning and engineering services, technical consulting and construction supervision.

We are an independent design, engineering and consulting company specialised mainly in motorway design and engineering and related civil engineering fields. We employ over two hundred engineers in a number of specialised departments, environmentalists and landscape designers, consulting engineers specialised on preparation of assets and settlement of construction supervisors, quality inspectors, technologists, and quantity surveyors, as well as experts in traffic engineering, road safety, and in other related branches. Our customers and partners are both public and private investors, construction contractors, public authorities and local governments.

Enteria a.s. – Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s.

Holding enteria a.s. is a group of small and medium-sized Czech construction companies operating in all sectors of the construction industry.

Core bussines:

  • Construction, renovation and repair of buildings
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of railway objects
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of bridges and culverts
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of roads
  • Welding of rails and switches, supply of railway signalling technology
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of utilities
  • Design and engineering activities

The enteria holding operates in the territory of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland. We have also experience of working in non-European markets, specifically in Saudi Arabia. We worked there mainly in building constructions, infrastructure (railways, roads, bridges) and water management structures.

We hold Quality Management Certificate ČSN EN 9001:2001, Environmental Management Certificate ČSN EN ISO 14 001 and Occupational Safety and Health Protection Certificate OHSAS 18 001.

We consider high degree of education of personnel to be the key instrument for survival in a globalizing construction market, as well as source of quality, productivity and guarantee of future development of the company.

Corporate culture based on the above-average human and social capital of our working group and being subsequently reflected in comfort services to our customers is the most differentiating aspect of our company. The programme of confidence by setting up a slogan “Company of people for people” helped create a compact working team which has identified itself with company goals and corporate culture.

Members of the Enteria Group

Chládek and Tintěra, Pardubice a.s.

The construction company was established in 1994. It provides complex services in the field of construction, reconstruction and repair of state technical infrastructure (tracks, roads, bridges, water supply and sanitation) and also in the segment of civil engineering (civil, industrial, residential, social, hospital construction). It offers its clients professional services from the stage of preparation of their plans, elaboration of detailed project documentation to realization of the construction.

KVIS Pardubice a.s.

The main activity of KVIS is the construction, reconstruction and repairs of utilities, especially water and sewerage systems including suitable facilities. Also included are waterway modifications, dams and monolithic concrete structures. Within the parent company a complete design of hydraulic structures, including their respective engineering activities, is ensured.


Construction company operating on the market since 1991. The most important part of its production is the removal of defects in panel structures, including construction and surface reconstruction of these buildings and their insulation. As a general contractor, it also provides repairs, reconstruction and construction of buildings, water management structures.

INSTAV Hlinsko a.s.

The company was founded in 1998. The focus of its activities lies primarily in the implementation of water management projects. Apart from them, they also deal with the construction, reconstruction and repair of water reservoirs, civil and industrial buildings, sports fields and arenas, and the revitalization of the landscape.

Hroší stavby Morava a.s.

Its goal is to realize construction work on its own capacities and to provide tailor-made projects. It deals with the construction, reconstruction and repair of tracks and siding, roads and pavements, road and sewer systems, as well as the realization of building construction.


The youngest subsidiary was established in 2015 and is the operator of heavy railway machinery for the maintenance and reconstruction of railroad upper layers.

Duchcovská a.s.

The company was established as a successor to the original welding company of Czech Railways. The main focus of the production is the regeneration of the rails, their welding into long belts and the transport and storage of rails. Accompanying services are the production of transient railway and construction activities including logistics services.

REGENA, spol. S r.o.

The company provides flash welding of railways for all common forms used on Czech railways, the regeneration of used railways, the production of transition rails, as well as the storage of long railway passes by simultaneous replacement of existing rails and rail loading directly on the track and subsequent disposal at the landfill for regeneration.


Saudi Arabia

Establishing the Secondary Industrial Institute in Majma´ah

Construction of Armored Vehicles Workshops and Parking in Security Forces Camp, Salboukh Road, Riyadh, KSA

Czech Republic

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS – reconstruction and completion of central part of the complex

Administrative building ERA

Reconstruction of directional tracks at railway station in Česká Třebová

Increase of railway capacity and reconstruction of railway station in Týniště nad Orlicí

SG Geotechnika a.s.

SG Geotechnika a.s. is a dynamic, multi-profession company, which was established in 2007. It is part of the ARCADIS Group, a leading engineering company with worldwide reach, its majority owner. SG Geotechnika provides consulting, supervising and engineering services, and the design and management of construction projects for engineering, industrial and civil constructions, environment, energy, mining, and water and waste management.

 SG Geotechnika is equipped with the latest technologies and quality instrumentation, along with highly qualified staff. In Slovakia, the company operates through its Organizational Unit Slovakia headquartered in Bratislava.

 In 2016, there are 40 authorized engineers and technicians active in construction working for SG Geotechnika. The total average number of employees reached 180 this year. The company provides all services on ethical principles contained within the guidelines of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, FIDIC.

 A major asset of SG Geotechnika a.s. as a universal consulting company is its independence, meaning that it is not linked through capital or otherwise to investors or large construction companies active in the construction or environmental sectors.

 SG Geotechnika has an extensive local network at its disposal, which is in close contact with customers, and professional know-how linked to internationally acknowledged experience. The fact that our teams have various specializations while also acting as support allows us to enter any phase of the project.

VALBEK GROUP – Valbek-EU, a.s.

Valbek® Engineer’s office for engineering and bridge constructions was founded in 1990. The original activity, designing roads and bridges, has been extended by Railways track and infrastructure design, building constructions, hydraulic engineering, and land surveying works, geotechnical works, environmental studies, software development as well as consulting and engineering activities and supply of construction works. Valbek – EU ranks among the top recognized Czech and Slovak engineer’s offices. Now the company offers complex engineering services, from project draft to documentation, including engineering works and approval from the local authorities. Valbek® – the name for quality and reliability. There are completely new potential projects where company can apply their competence and knowledge. By not avoiding acquisitions, company completes portfolio of services. Czech and Slovak market is still main domain, but foreign markets are ambition and targets. There are already operations undergoing in west of the Czech Republic in Austria, Denmark and Sweden. Regarding the eastern direction, company is participating on projects in Russia and the Balkans. Valbek – EU is a multi-professional group of companies currently offering broad spectrum of services

Quality is guaranteed : For occupational safety and health according to the national regulation OHSAS 18001: 2008 compatible with EN in area – Civil Engineering and Design Realization and Reconstruction of Building and Transport constructions, Quality management system according to the regulation ISO 9001: 2008 in area – Complex Civil Engineering, Design and Consulting,  Environmental management system according to the regulation ISO 14001:2005 in area – Civil Engineering and Design Realization and Reconstruction of Building and Transport constructions, Quality management system according to the regulation ISO 9001: 2009 in area – civil Engineering and Design Realization and Reconstruction of Building and Transport constructions, Quality management system according to Methodological instructions of Quality system in area – Transportation.

From the beginning of the company activities, are activities permanently offered to the specific countries infrastructure owners or administrators. They are focused on surveying works, engineering, technical supervision and advice, software solutions and consulting in hardware and software, design works, construction realization, alternation and demolition, copying services, wholesale geological work, environmental impact analysis, financial advisory, accounting, tax services, road and railways infrastructure design.

Mott MacDonald CZ, spol. s r.o.

1. Mott MacDonald is a €1.9bn employee-owned global engineering, management and development consultancy with 16,000 staff working in 150 countries. We use our ingenuity to create lasting value for all we work with – customers, communities and staff.

Our global business is multisector, spanning buildings, communications, defence, education, environment, health, international development, industry, mining, oil and gas, power, transport, urban development, water and wastewater; and multidisciplinary embracing planning, studies and design, infrastructure finance and technical advisory services, project and programme management, management consultancy, strategic asset management, forensic engineering and expert witness. With offices across the Europe, Asia and the rest of the World, we bring our skills and resources directly to our clients, wherever they or their projects are based. Each office has in-depth knowledge and understanding of local conditions and practices, backed by our global resources – enabling us to offer our services across time zones and around the clock.

2. Mott MacDonald has a comprehensive track-record on projects funded by or invested in by EBRD. Our track-record also includes deep understanding of the requirements of other IFIs (such as the European Investment Bank, International Finance Corporation, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and others). We are used to working as advisors to commercial banks around the world and understand what drives project finance investments and how banks view risk. We also have a strong in-house capability in environmental and social impact assessment.

3. From buildings, energy, oil and gas and transport to health, water and environment and district heating, Mott MacDonald has been aiding development in CIS since 1995. Mott MacDonald has registered offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine. The services that Mott MacDonald has, and continue to deliver range from master planning and concept design, detailed design and engineering through to project and cost management, programme control and reporting.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the design and construction practices and all key players including contractors, designers, architects, as well permits & approvals procedures in the region. We have an extensive cost database from which to benchmark the cost of any construction project against. This has been generated though recording live tender returns and also comparison to actual out-turn costs to generate cost data that is real, accurate and regularly updated.

Mott MacDonald’s track-record of undertaking similar assignments for the EBRD in Central Asia and CIS is best illustrated by our successful delivery of recent projects like:

  • Feasibility Studies for number of EBRD water and wastewater projects (Kyzylorda, Petropavlovsk, Oskemen) and district heating projects (Kostanay and Almaty) in the Republic of Kazakhstan where Mott MacDonald developed the Long-Term Investment Programme (LTIP) and Priority Investment Programme (PIP) by reviewing existing operations, services and assets of the water and wastewater utility, assessed the climate change risks and consider them in order to build-in the appropriate climate change resilience into the PIP, and conducted Environmental and Social Due Diligence;
  • We have performed similar project in Kyrgyzstan where we developed the Feasibility Study for Kara-Suu Water Sub-project (2014-2015) and also helped Osh City administration in improvement of public transport system within Osh Public Transport Project. We have been responsible for Technical Due Diligence and Public Service Contract Preparation and then in Corporate Development of Osh Auto Transport Enterprise (2015-2016).
  • Finally, we have been involved in two recently completed Feasibility Studies in solid waste sector (Yavan and Kulob municipalities) within the EBRD initiative for the improvement of solid waste management in Tajikistan.

4. Mott MacDonald was IJGlobal 2016 award winner for innovation and excellence in the project and infrastructure finance markets worldwide, Gold Award winner and Technical Adviser of the Year 2015 at the  Partnership Awards, International Consultant of the Year 2015 at the NCE/ACE Consultants of the Year Awards and three awards winner from British Expertise Awards 2015 in categories the Major Project of the Year, Emerging Market and Innovation Award. 


We are committed to Quality Assurance and are accredited to the international standards, including ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 18001 (health and safety).

Further information about Mott MacDonald can be found at Our video on Opening New Opportunities with Connected Thinking, our new Group brand, is available at