GrECo JLT Czech Republic s.r.o.

GrECo JLT history started in 1925, when Mr. Josef Gregor founded the insurance consultancy company in Vienna. In 1978 the GrECo Group was formed by Mr. Friedrich Neubrand. GrECo arrived to the territory of Central and Eastern Europe in 1989, when opened an office in Hungary. In the 1990s the office network has been expanded for the Balkan countries (SEE) and the other countries of the Central Europe (CEE). After 2000 GrECo expanded into the CIS countries being currently present in 16 countries of the region. The remarkable was year 2010, when JLT acquired a 20% stake in the GrECo Group.

Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) history started in 1832, when Jardine Matheson was formed. In 1836 appointed the company its agents in Hong Kong to distribute the fire insurance. In 1972 the entity Jardine Insurance Brokers was established. The year 1997 was marked by merge of Jardine Insurance Brokers and Lloyd Thompson crating the Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group. Since 2004 the group expended into Latin America and in 2006 into China. In 2010 JLT formed the JLT International network. JLT has been incorporated into FTSE 250 Index.

The core activities of GrECo JLT Groups are focused on the risk mitigation and the insurance coverage. The main services provided have been drafted in the below scheme.

The key members of GrECo staff in CEE have a long-time experience in the infrastructure and energy projects including the initial PPP/PFI projects in the region. We supported the execution of the projects by the identification of the key risks, negotiating the risk matrix with the principals, contractors and lenders and defining the proper and costs-effective solution using the inputs of other advisors of the Client. The insurable risks have been mitigated by placing the proper insurance policies by a separated team.

The GrECo JLT philosophy has been based on the following stones:

  • Access to know-how and experience of all GrECo JLT Groups
  • Industry specific knowledge in the key sectors of CEE/CIS/SEE economies; the region is a home market of GrECo JLT
  • Knowledge of the relevant insurance markets & local insurance practice
  • „One stop shop“ system enabling easy access to all the GrECo JLT services through the appointed Account Manager supporting all CEE/CIS/SEE business
  • GrECo JLT On-Line IT tool
  • Focus on the services delivering the high „Value for Money“
  • Combination of local and global know-how, resources and experts
  • Delivery of high quality insurance consultancy services being tailor-made to the particular project
  • Transparency & strong Code of Conduct applied on all the services delivered by GrECo JLT
  • Relationship between the Client and us based on a true & long-term partnership.