Meridiam is a leading developer, investor, manager and long-term partner in Public-Private Partnership (“PPP”) projects in Europe, North America and Africa.

With its unique 25-year investment horizon, Meridiam is one of the very few infrastructure funds that have a truly long-term investment strategy, which enables it to be a long-term partner with the public sector from project inception through operation and handback. With global assets under management of approximately € 5 billion and over € 40 billion of constructed value, Meridiam has a distinct position in the industry as a stable long-term investor partner for governments in transportation, social, and environmental projects. Meridiam believes its long- term focus, as well as long-term stable partnership with the public sector, are critical to providing high-quality public infrastructure.

Since its inception in 2005, Meridiam has successfully reached financial close or been selected as prefer bidder on close to sixty (60) projects globally and contributes expertise from over 200 infrastructure investment professionals in North America, Europe and Africa. Meridiam’s team includes professionals with expertise in construction, engineering, finance, asset management and public policy across offices in Paris, Luxembourg, Vienna, New York, Toronto, Istanbul, Dakar and Addis Abeba.

Česká exportní banka, a. s. (Czech Export Bank)

Česká exportní banka, a.s. (Czech Export Bank) is a specialised, state-owned banking institution. It was established in 1995 and it forms one of the pillars of the government’s economic diplomacy and its pro-export policy system.

Following the OECD’s risk classification, the bank specifically supports transactions to countries with higher levels of territorial and commercial risks. Throughout the history, ČEB has provided financing related to more than 80 territories around the world. As of December 2016, the majority of its portfolio was located in Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Montenegro.   

Generally, ČEB supports all types of products and sectors but compared to commercial banks it is also keen to provide assistance to those sectors which require larger amounts of external financial resources and longer maturities (e.g. defense, energy, or aviation).

ČEB has many years of experience in financing major export transactions of Czech exporters, as well as financing export contracts for smaller units or partial deliveries. Most of ČEB’s financing is currently disbursed to foreign buyers, i.e. partners of Czech exporters. The complete overview of ČEB’s product portfolio is available on its website.

The bank puts emphasis on the complexity of its export financing products range. Currently, the bank sees its important role, alongside financing exports of goods and services, also in providing financing for engineering projects, especially linear-style constructions abroad. Recently, ČEB has also significantly expanded its services of financing small and medium enterprises, whose business is tied to exports.

All ČEB’s activities have to be in full compliance with the rules of WTO (World Trade Organisation), the relevant recommendations of OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) and EU (European Union) directives.

ČEB was registered in the Commercial Register on 1 March 1995 with its registered office in Praha 1, Vodičkova 34 701, Postal Code 111 21, Telephone No. +420 222 843 111, fax No. +420 224 211 266, e-mail The company is registered with the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague in Section B, Insert 3042.