Vodní zdroje, a.s.

Our company carries out a wide range of assignments in the areas of geology, hydrogeology, environmental remediation and engineering geology. We are also specialising in prevention and elimination of environmental damage, remediation of old environmental burdens as well as hazardous waste solidification and disposal. Since 1957, our company has been providing expert and professional services related to drinking water supply as well as water and groundwater resources management. We are operating not only in the Czech Republic but also in central and southern Europe and East Asia.


ELKOPLAST CZ, s.r.o. is a company with international scope of activity as regards deliveries of containers and the technologies for collection, sorting, compaction and transport of waste. Some other products have been  radually included in our assortment, these products find application in other fields of activities, including building industry, automotive industry, agriculture and other sectors.

Manufacture of waste containers

In 1991 we built our first production line which served exclusively for manufacture of fibreglass containers intended for collection of sorted municipal waste. In the course of several years we extended the manufacture of containers for sorted waste and today we offer a wide assortment of containers from 300 litres up to 5,000 litres in several designs, depending on collected waste including semi-underground containers. In 1997 we extended our production program by the manufacture of roll-off containers and we established a limited liability company. In order to increase production capacity, we built an independent production plant in Bruntal in 2001. The production premises of overall extent 29 thousand square metres are located in the town industrial zone and we manufacture above 1,200 pieces of containers annually in various designs as per customer’s requests. Our team of container designers works with recent Autodesk Inventor software to prepare detailed 3D drawings for you. Our main goal is to supply containers with a high utility value and long life span attained thanks to high quality of processing and utilizing only first-grade and certified materials.

Other products, custom manufacturing

Besides the waste containers we also manufacture a series of other products which find application in a lot of sectors. As regards fibreglass products, we provide complete service including design and manufacture of moulds. Among such products belong for example manufacture of automobile spoilers, engine hoods and other automobile parts, manufacture of sanitary equipment including shower enclosures and relaxation bathtubs, manufacture of cisterns, sandboxes and other products. We also offer cooperation in supplies of steel products, as are for instance welded structures, steel pallets, cisterns and other custom-made products based on submitted drawing documentation, and/or an approved sample. Due to solid technological equipment, we can offer technologically sophisticated and spatially demanding weldments. By investing into modern production technologies and by rationalizing manufacturing process, we want to contribute to increase efficiency and reliabity of waste collection.

We have offices or partners in many above mentioned countries. It´s not really possible to mention all of them because of the quantity.

Most of the projects included following activities: Production, Transport, Assembly, Installation, Training

Uralex s.r.o.

Uralex, limited liability company, entered into Commercial Registry of Regional Court Ostrava in 2006. Over the last years, Uralex have designed various concept of investments with high quality project delivery support as an independent outsourcing unit across the Czech Republic, Russian Federation, CIS countries and the European Union. Meeting client’s needs and creation of added value through a palate of instruments bring us an opportunity for generating business opportunities.

Uralex focuses on projects delivery in the following sectors:

  • Supplies of equipment
  • Industrial components and consumables
  • Investments project support
  • Infrastructure and energy complexes

Enteria a.s. – Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s.

Holding enteria a.s. is a group of small and medium-sized Czech construction companies operating in all sectors of the construction industry.

Core bussines:

  • Construction, renovation and repair of buildings
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of railway objects
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of bridges and culverts
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of roads
  • Welding of rails and switches, supply of railway signalling technology
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of utilities
  • Design and engineering activities

The enteria holding operates in the territory of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland. We have also experience of working in non-European markets, specifically in Saudi Arabia. We worked there mainly in building constructions, infrastructure (railways, roads, bridges) and water management structures.

We hold Quality Management Certificate ČSN EN 9001:2001, Environmental Management Certificate ČSN EN ISO 14 001 and Occupational Safety and Health Protection Certificate OHSAS 18 001.

We consider high degree of education of personnel to be the key instrument for survival in a globalizing construction market, as well as source of quality, productivity and guarantee of future development of the company.

Corporate culture based on the above-average human and social capital of our working group and being subsequently reflected in comfort services to our customers is the most differentiating aspect of our company. The programme of confidence by setting up a slogan “Company of people for people” helped create a compact working team which has identified itself with company goals and corporate culture.

Members of the Enteria Group

Chládek and Tintěra, Pardubice a.s.

The construction company was established in 1994. It provides complex services in the field of construction, reconstruction and repair of state technical infrastructure (tracks, roads, bridges, water supply and sanitation) and also in the segment of civil engineering (civil, industrial, residential, social, hospital construction). It offers its clients professional services from the stage of preparation of their plans, elaboration of detailed project documentation to realization of the construction.

KVIS Pardubice a.s.

The main activity of KVIS is the construction, reconstruction and repairs of utilities, especially water and sewerage systems including suitable facilities. Also included are waterway modifications, dams and monolithic concrete structures. Within the parent company a complete design of hydraulic structures, including their respective engineering activities, is ensured.


Construction company operating on the market since 1991. The most important part of its production is the removal of defects in panel structures, including construction and surface reconstruction of these buildings and their insulation. As a general contractor, it also provides repairs, reconstruction and construction of buildings, water management structures.

INSTAV Hlinsko a.s.

The company was founded in 1998. The focus of its activities lies primarily in the implementation of water management projects. Apart from them, they also deal with the construction, reconstruction and repair of water reservoirs, civil and industrial buildings, sports fields and arenas, and the revitalization of the landscape.

Hroší stavby Morava a.s.

Its goal is to realize construction work on its own capacities and to provide tailor-made projects. It deals with the construction, reconstruction and repair of tracks and siding, roads and pavements, road and sewer systems, as well as the realization of building construction.


The youngest subsidiary was established in 2015 and is the operator of heavy railway machinery for the maintenance and reconstruction of railroad upper layers.

Duchcovská a.s.

The company was established as a successor to the original welding company of Czech Railways. The main focus of the production is the regeneration of the rails, their welding into long belts and the transport and storage of rails. Accompanying services are the production of transient railway and construction activities including logistics services.

REGENA, spol. S r.o.

The company provides flash welding of railways for all common forms used on Czech railways, the regeneration of used railways, the production of transition rails, as well as the storage of long railway passes by simultaneous replacement of existing rails and rail loading directly on the track and subsequent disposal at the landfill for regeneration.


Saudi Arabia

Establishing the Secondary Industrial Institute in Majma´ah

Construction of Armored Vehicles Workshops and Parking in Security Forces Camp, Salboukh Road, Riyadh, KSA

Czech Republic

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS – reconstruction and completion of central part of the complex

Administrative building ERA

Reconstruction of directional tracks at railway station in Česká Třebová

Increase of railway capacity and reconstruction of railway station in Týniště nad Orlicí