SUDOP Praha a.s.

SUDOP PRAHA a.s. is a design, consulting and engineering company specialising in comprehensive solutions of transport infrastructure needs, in particular in railway structures, road and highway structures and urban transport systems. We design comprehensive technical solutions of construction for a variety of applications including bridges, tunnels, and engineering structures, communication and signalling systems, electrification and power supply as well as solving issues such as transport management and organisation, transport technology and rolling stock, workshops, logistics, pricing policy, the economics of transport and financing and the environmental impact of projects.

Other areas in which SUDOP PRAHA a.s. operates include design of ground and industrial structures, engineering networks, telecommunications and power engineering. SUDOP PRAHA a.s. also provides consulting services in the area of regional development, transport services and project financing.

SUDOP PRAHA a.s. is a modern, thriving company following long-term traditions. In terms of the scope and quality of the services provided, the company ranks amongst top consulting firms in the Czech Republic. A wide variety of professional skills, long-term experience and modern technical background make it possible for SUDOP PRAHA a.s. to cooperate with significant investors when working on large complex transport infrastructure projects.