EU Provides a Further €194.1 Million to the Connectivity Agenda
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Western Balkans 6 Summit, Trieste, 12 July 2017: The European Union pledges €194.1 million grant to the construction of key railway, road, waterway, and gas interconnections in the region. The EU grant is expected to leverage more than €535.8 million total investment and generate twice its value as return to the local economies.

Today’s commitment is part of European Union’s plan to allocate €1 billion up to 2020 to key infrastructure projects with the purpose to improve transport and energy connections in the region as well as between the region and the EU. It brings total EU grant allocation to half of the initial pledge, triggering overall investments of €1.4 billion and creating more than 20,000 jobs in the process.

More information on the projects selected for financing this year as well as on the progress to date with the Connectivity Agenda may be found here.

Source: EC