What is the Private Sector Facility?
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The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is committed to unleash the potential of the private sector for clean energy and climate resilience projects in developing countries. We do so by leveraging GCF’s own resources with the private sector.

At least USD 12 trillion are needed to meet the Paris climate challenge to keep a global average temperature rise well below 2 degrees Celsius, a recent study indicates.

In order to scale up GCF’s activities and meet this challenge, GCF has set up the Private Sector Facility (PSF) to fund and mobilize institutional investors and leverage GCF’s funds to encourage corporates to co-invest with us.

PSF is actively engaging with pension funds, insurance companies, corporations, local and regional financial intermediaries, and the capital markets.


GCF can finance private sector projects relating to mitigation and adaptation activities at all levels.

GCF’s core activities include clean energy, energy efficiency, climate-related innovation, resilient infrastructure, products and services for vulnerable communities, agriculture, forestry, food, water security, and ecosystems preservation.

GCF uses flexible financial instruments (including debt, equity, and guarantees). It can combine these instruments with concessional funding to promote private sector investing in our core activities by:

  • De-risking investments, including foreign exchange and investors’ default;
  • Bundling small projects into portfolios, providing scale and making them attractive to institutional investors;
  • Supporting capacity building amongst different groups and local institutions;
  • Helping develop public-private partnerships for infrastructure resilience projects;
  • Encouraging innovation, for example by overcoming scale problems and fragmentation within the supply chain;
  • Being active in the clean energy, climate resilience and sustainability communities.


Contact us. We will guide you.

It is possible to partner with GCF by becoming accredited.

Accreditation is a process following due diligence which ensures our partners share the same objectives as the Fund, and that they have extensive experience and strong financial and managerial infrastructure.

You can apply for GCF accreditation or work with an already Accredited Entity while you process your own accreditation, or work with another entity that is already accredited.

Source: GCF