Date Project Title Country Donor Category Business Sector Budget Deadline
19.07.2019 EU Support for Street Lighting Project in the City of Bihac Montenegro EC Works Street Lighting N/A 24.09.2019
19.07.2019 Capacity Building, Acquis Transposition and Planning for Environment and Climate Action Sector Montenegro EC Services Climate Change 3 671 412 EUR 02.09.2019
18.07.2019 Local Integrated Development Project (LIDP) for the conceptual and urban designs for selected areas of interest. Kyrgyz Republic WB Services Urban Development N/A 25.07.2019
17.07.2019 Technical Assistance for Georgia Energy Storage Strategy for Grid Georgia EIB Services Power & Energy 600 000 EUR 06.09.2019
17.07.2019 Nurek Water and Wastewater Project: Renovation of administrative building Tajikistan EBRD Works Water Supply & Sanitation N/A 29.08.2019
17.07.2019 North Tajik Water II Rehabilitation Project: NTWRP2-2.5: Construction of new reservoir and rehabilitation of existing reservoirs in Zafarabad city Tajikistan EBRD Works Water Supply & Sanitation N/A 02.09.2019
17.07.2019 Energy Efficiency Improvements in Public Buildings in Georgia Georgia EBRD Works Infrastructure N/A 15.08.2019
16.07.2019 Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (UWWTD) events organization and management Romania WB Services Water Supply & Sanitation N/A 23.07.2019
16.07.2019 Dh Network Rehabilitation Chie-1.02 Chie-1.03chie-1.04chie-1.05 Uzbekistan WB Works District Heating N/A 23.08.2019
15.07.2019 Consulting services for supervision of works on construction of motorway on Corridor Vc, section Tarčin-Konjic, subsection Tarčin-Ivan: Lot 1 Tarčin – entrance to tunnel Ivan Bosnia and Herzegovina EIB Services Highways N/A 02.09.2019