Date Project Title Country Donor Category Business Sector Budget Deadline
05.12.2018 Hospital PPP Programme – Technical and Project Management Support Turkey EBRD Services Infrastructure 100 000 EUR 28.12.2018
05.12.2018 Khorog Water Rehabilitation Project II Tajikistan EBRD Works Water Supply & Sanitation N/A 28.01.2019
04.12.2018 Rehabilitation of State road A2 Kumanovo – Stracin, section I (km.0+000 – km.15+195) Macedonia EC Works Highways N/A N/A
04.12.2018 Reconstruction and Upgrade of Road Section Prilep — bridge on Lenishka River and Construction of Third Lane of Road Section V. Belovodica – Mavrovo Quarry Macedonia EC Works Highways N/A N/A
04.12.2018 Green and Sustainability Bonds – EBRD Register N/A EBRD Services Climate Change N/A 31.12.2018
04.12.2018 Kara Suu Water Sub-Project: upgrading of supporting facilities (Repair of office building, chlorination plant, garage, storage) Kyrgyz Republic EBRD Works Water Supply & Sanitation N/A 10.01.2019
04.12.2018 Development of Disaster Risk Finance Analytics Freeware Quantitative Tools N/A WB Services Climate Change N/A 18.12.2018
04.12.2018 Bulgarian Legal Advisor, with knowledge of the Concession Act and associated legal framework Bulgaria WB Services Law N/A 11.12.2018
01.12.2018 Technical Assistance for Eskişehir Design and Innovation Centre (EDIC) Turkey EC Services Infrastructure 1 356 150 EUR N/A
01.12.2018 Construction of Malatya Dried Apricot Licensed Warehouse and Exchange Turkey EC Works Infrastructure N/A 04.03.2019