Date Project Title Country Donor Category Business Sector Budget Deadline
11.03.2019 Preparation Of Detailed Design Documentation And Mobility Plan For Bakuriani Urban Upgrade And Supervision Georgia WB Services Urban Development N/A 26.03.2019
11.03.2019 Construction of Kastamonu Solid Waste Management Project Turkey EC Works Solid Waste N/A N/A
11.03.2019 Construction of Rize Wastewater Treatment Plant Turkey EC Works Water Supply & Sanitation N/A N/A
11.03.2019 Supervision Services for Construction of Establishment of Common Use Ateliers in TRB2 Region Turkey EC Services Infrastructure 619 000 EUR N/A
11.03.2019 Technical Assistance and Supervision for Iğdır Wastewater Project Turkey EC Services Water Supply & Sanitation 2 050 000 EUR 16.04.2019
11.03.2019 Technical Assistance for Establishment of BEST for Energy (Boosting Effective and Sustainable Transformation for Energy) Turkey EC Services Power & Energy 3 398 020 EUR 12.04.2019
11.03.2019 Montenegro: Main Roads Reconstruction Project – Reform of Intercity Road Passenger Transport Services Montenegro EBRD Services Highways 150 000 EUR 11.05.2019
11.03.2019 South Kazakhstan Water Supply Project Kazakhstan EBRD Works Water Supply & Sanitation N/A 25.04.2019
08.03.2019 Supervision of the Works for Dust and NOx reduction at TPP Kosovo B, Units B1 and B2 Kosovo EC Services Power & Energy 3 000 000 EUR 10.04.2019
08.03.2019 Construction of Trabzon Water Supply Turkey EC Works Water Supply & Sanitation N/A N/A