Date Project Title Country Donor Category Business Sector Budget Deadline
07.08.2019 Yavan Solid Waste Sub-Project Tajikistan EBRD Supplies Solid Waste N/A 20.09.2019
07.08.2019 Yavan Solid Waste Sub-Project Tajikistan EBRD Works Solid Waste N/A 26.09.2019
07.08.2019 Road construction and rehabilitation Montenegro EIB Works Highways N/A 25.09.2019
07.08.2019 Supporting the Implementation of the Regional Waste Management Systems in the East and North-East Regions Macedonia EC Services Solid Waste 2 500 000 EUR 06.09.2019
06.08.2019 Preparatory Action — Smart Rural Areas in the 21st Century N/A EC Services Infrastructure 3 300 000 EUR 23.09.2019
06.08.2019 Road Safety Calculator Improvement and Expansion N/A WB Services Highways N/A 20.08.2019
06.08.2019 Ulaanbaatar District Heating Renewable Heating Integration Study Mongolia EBRD Services District Heating 275 000 EUR 19.09.2019
06.08.2019 Programme for Supporting Renewable Energy in Kazakhstan – Policy Dialogue for Carbon Market Strategy in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan EBRD Services Power & Energy 500 000 USD 06.09.2019
05.08.2019 Construction and Rehabilitation Works for Revitalisation of the Tourism Sector in Adıyaman Turkey EC Works Infrastructure N/A 18.11.2019
05.08.2019 Tursun-Zade Solid Waste Project: Construction of waste collection points and reconstruction and extension of company garage with diesel station Tajikistan EBRD Works Solid Waste N/A 19.09.2019