Date Project Title Country Donor Category Business Sector Budget Deadline
12.06.2019 Romania: SMART- Sibiu Streets Rehabilitation Project Romania EBRD Works Urban Development N/A 12.06.2020
12.06.2019 Construction Of The Road Section Broćanac – Prapratnicap 20 – P 143 L=3.075m1 And Cros Sections Babin Do And Oskrušnica Bosnia and Herzegovina WB Works Highways N/A 25.07.2019
12.06.2019 Dushanbe Water Supply and Wastewater Project Tajikistan WB Services, Supplies, Works Water Supply & Sanitation 32 000 000 USD N/A
12.06.2019 Ukraine Regional Airports Study Ukraine WB Services Infrastructure N/A 26.06.2019
11.06.2019 Legal counsel for Uzbekistan CCGT PPP transaction Uzbekistan WB Services Power & Energy N/A 18.06.2019
10.06.2019 Bosnia And Herzegovina: Port Of Brcko Bosnia and Herzegovina EBRD Services, Supplies, Works Infrastructure 10 000 000 EUR 10.06.2020
10.06.2019 Kulob Solid Waste Project Tajikistan EBRD Supplies Solid Waste N/A 24.07.2019
10.06.2019 East Med Gas A Master Concept for a Phased Infrastructure Corridor N/A WB Services Power & Energy N/A 17.06.2019
10.06.2019 Circular Economy and Private Sector Development N/A WB Services Climate Change N/A 26.06.2019
10.06.2019 Works and services for road construction Bosnia and Herzegovina EIB Services, Supplies, Works Highways 50 000 000 EUR N/A